Day 23/365 is NOT too late to start your NY Resolutions!


(noun): a driven busy gal who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.

Today was the first day in January I was actually aware that this month was almost over. I mean, time just doesn’t slow down for anyone. While it may be day 23/365 I don’t remember there being a rule that you had to start your New Year Resolutions on day 1. Let’s just have an honest moment real fast… I didn’t have time to write down a fancy list of things I wish to accomplish this year and begin acting on them ASAP. Just wasn’t happening. Life moves faster and faster each year. And although the days may be long and the weekends fast, the year does go by WAY faster. Yes- I have many things I would like to ultimately achieve this year, but if you’re like me… you need small victories but big dreams. What I mean by that is, I don’t need to check everything off my list all at once. I feel much more accomplished scratching things off slowly, even when they are “small victories“. And then eventually all these little things add up to the bigger dream/ goal. So, here I am day 23 of 2019, making that fancy list of things that I HOPE to accomplish this year.

My advice to you for Day 24: make that fancy list of small victories. Drink more water. Make that 4.0 this semester. Work hard and then work harder. But most importantly, do it all for YOU! Here’s my NYR:

  1. I do drink quite a lot of water, but not enough. DRINK MORE WATER
  2. Be more patient with people
  3. Read more fashion blogs/magazines
  4. Stay on top of my school (I’m so close to finishing)
  5. Make more time for my friends- they keep me goin when things get tough
  6. Give more words of affirmation to Conner
  7. Make more time to do things with my little sister (she’s going off to college soon)
  8. Read my Bible WAY more!!! And not just read- but learn
  9. Start my blog & have people read it!!
  10. This one is a bonus: I’d like to give back more. Whether it be to a charity, back to the community, my church, or to my neighbors.

Thanks for letting me share with y’all my small victory checklist. I’d really love to hear yours- because it might inspire me to make my goals bigger. Comment on my blog post or message me on Instagram or Facebook!

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