Be my Galentine?

Happy February y’all! Who else feels like January was 76 days long? We are officially past our first month of 2019 and I think its been going pretty good. So, hello February- we know you will go by fast so let’s pack it full of great things! Valentines day is only 2 weeks away and lets face it, I’m not really sure if that many people actually take it seriously. BUT I feel like we should just embrace it and have fun with it. No need to feel left out if you aren’t in a relationship, and if you are, who says it has to be all lovey dovey. I’m all for showing your love and appreciation for someone you care about but thats why we have birthdays and anniversaries and holidays 🙂 This year I’m dedicating Valentine’s Day to alllll my Gals out there! We don’t spend enough time appreciating our girl friends, and come on they have probably been there for you for a lot! So this ones for you girls *inserts heart emoji*! Be mine?

T-shirt here | Jacket similar here | Earrings here | Shoes here | Jeans here | Sunnies here | Belt here

Thank you all for being my Galentine- you mean the world to me!


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