We interrupt 2019 to bring the BEST. NEWS. EVER.

I have to share the BEST. NEWS. EVER. Im going to be an Aunt!! So lets back up a little. I have the coolest big brother & sister in law in the history of big brothers and sister in laws so, the second they got married you best bet I was begging them to have babies. I feel like God made me to love and cherish kids. I don’t know but I’m obsessed with them. Long story short- 1.5 years later… IM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!! We actually found out right after Christmas, so its been a real struggle not to spill the beans. February 10th was the day I found out I would be an AUNT to a boy!!! Little guy- you are already so loved and adored, and we can’t wait to meet you.

12/30/18 The night we opened the best Christmas present & found out the best news ever! Yes we cried, and laughed, and hugged.

2/10/19- The day I found out I’d be a an Aunt!! This day was full of guessing whether it was a boy or girl. I wore blue because I wanted them to have a boy, but I was like 100% positive it was a girl. Like we were all SO shocked, but of course we were ECSTATIC.

To try and explain how happy and excited I am for this baby boy is just way too hard to put into words. But what I can put into words is how happy, and excited, and proud, and thankful that this baby has the BEST mom & dad EVER. Baby boy- you are already so loved and adored. I have now successfully started a baby boy Pinterest board & have so many things in mind to buy this little guy. Let the race for best/ most fun aunt (ME) start! Haha- sorry Payten & Emily.

Some other exciting news to share is that I am now on the LikeToKnowIT App! All of my outfits can be shopped on the app. DUH they will be on here too. Any aunt advice?? Ya girl has her hands full already.

February Pics: Sweater Here | Jeans Here | Vest Here | Belt Here | Necklace Here

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