A little Joy, goes a long way.

Hey you! I know I haven’t posted in a week but I just wanted to share with you this ADORABLE top from SR! Just a quick update on why I’ve been MIA this week,I’ve been working really hard to get all of these new arrivals pictured, and measured, and up and running to shop! Part of the fun with my job is picking locations to shoot pics at. I mean its kind of like a mini traveling session because Dallas, Texas is HUGE. And its fun to go out and explore new places that will make the clothes look better than they already do. SO this week I did a lot of planning and figuring out what would work best and look aesthetically pleasing with the new stuff we have been getting in. And y’all, when I say A LOT of new stuff, I mean a massive load from the UPS truck EVERY. DAY. It’s actually really fun because we all try to guess whats in the boxes, and once we unpack and go through our process we are already obsessed with everything that comes in.Its seriously like Christmas everyday. But anyways back to business. `

Let’s just talk about this outfit here for a minute. I know its February, and yes in my opinion it is 100% okay to be wearing white jeans. Ive been trying to spruce up my wardrobe because my dark and dreary “winter” colors are really starting to put a damper on my mood. This week in Dallas we were SO SO SO fortunate to have 3 consecutive days of spring weather and if it wasn’t the biggest tease EVER I don’t know what is. This little tank is so cute on. It has adjustable straps and criss crosses in the back. The colors are darling (reminds me of cotton candy) and it pairs really nicely with white jeans + it’ll look really cute in the summer with some cut offs. Both top & jeans are from Southern Roots and lets be honest, it gives me a lot of joy wearing these fun bright colors.

Top HERE | Jeans HERE

A little off topic but I promise it’ll circle back around, but these pics were taken in Bishop Arts District at Joy Macarons (huge fan of macaroons so if anyone is ever feeling generous, these are the key to my heart) anyways they have the cutest little saying on their I guess its a moblie macaron stand, but to “share the joy”. This little messages has come at the PERFECT time in my life. I swear God knows exactly what you need to hear and when. I’ve been a little on the “non” joyest side lately and this was such a good reminder to stop and spread some joy because a little really goes a long way. My goal this week is to make a list of all the little JOY’s I can spread and share and hopefully it will spark someone else to do the same! I hope you had a great week, I’d love to hear how you have shared the Joy! Comment down below 🙂

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