Where have I been!?!

hello! nice to talk to you again! where have I been? what have I been doing? are you ever going to do a blog post again? what’s the tea?

hello! how are you today! nice to talk to y’all again! to make it short & sweet- I’ve been everywhere but here. yes I’m still going to do blog posts! and yes I’ve got lots of tea😉

I gotta catch y’all up on so many life changes! like so much has happened in a short amount of time. I’m sure you all have had moments like this in your life. here’s a quick recap of life in the last 4 months:

  • celebrated my sisters 18th bday
  • helped host a crawfish boil
  • planned a photoshoot in Waco
  • had a wine night @ SR
  • created a t shirt design contest
  • went to a bridal shower
  • worked the Spring Nutcracker Market
  • got an amazing opportunity (more on this later)
  • went to the horse races @ lost money
  • went to several grad parties
  • my little sister graduated high school!

so that’s my life in the last 4 months pulled into a very clustered, random, on the top of my head, list! I know what you’re thinking… Brenna! everyone goes through busy seasons of life. yes you are so right, and I began putting way too much on my plate that some things had to give. because I was balancing waaaaay too many things I wasn’t able to give 100% of myself to each thing- which is hard for me because I’ve always been able to do that. any virgos out there? yeah we like things to be perfect and try to control what we do. I was not choosing to let Jesus take the reins and I wasn’t allowing myself to Trust In Him. and I quickly fell into this exhausted state and I really was not up for social hour or hanging with friends, my words became hurtful, I was angry all the time. I let all these things pile up and to be honest they took a negative toll on my character. stress. anger. confusion. being lost. and that just wasn’t something I could deal with for much longer. relationships were hurt, my life was complete chaos, and my mind was filled with negativity and what if’s and doubt and more and more stress!!! (totally not cool) but because of all this i just have been out of it and become a ghost and standing back trying to figure out how to get back on track.

now that I’ve caught you up to speed & if you are still reading- things are looking up! *cue the happy music* life does go on. the stress does go away. the relationships do mend. but the what if’s are still there. I’ve had so many of those y’all it’s a tad bit dramatic😂 I was listening to a podcast and once I remember which one I’ll circle back around and let you know- but it was about a doubt, worry, stress, and how to balance the things you have in your life. very fitting for this season of life I’m enduring. and something that resonated with me was this little comparison/life hack:

fear is equal to your “what if’s” but God’s comfort is “even if”

y’all i seriously just got chills writing that because it still to this day reminds me of how I had taken my life by the reigns and had steered it down a path that was not good & was suddenly kicked back into reality! because I was focused on all my what if’s I lost sight of God’s “even if’s”. choosing to trust in Him & follow his heart is a daily choice. because I began to remind myself of this- I slowly but surly removed the stress, began to balance out my life, and become a much happier person!

life on your 20’s is a rollercoaster & even in all seasons of life JESUS IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL! trusting his plans, believing in yourself, and continuing to choose Him again and again is a life hack i will most certainly take with me into the next chapter!

thank you for sticking around- yes this was a long one, but friend- it’s nice to catch up with ya🥰


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