Let’s play catch up!

hey hey hey- it’s me! did you forget about this place? I’m sorry, let me remind you! WELCOME to All The B’s Wax: a place filled with Amazon finds, shopping gems, life hacks, and of course JESUS. I’m Brenna and I’m excited you decided to open this blog up! There’s a lot of new faces here so it’s fitting to play a little catch up. One thing I find very refreshing and humbling is to write down the things I’ve accomplished over a couple months. I like to cross things off my list and see what goals I still have left to accomplish. This post is fresh off the brain so this is an update on what’s been done, what’s going on right now, and what’s to come! (Thank you for scrolling this far, let’s get to it)

Okay, so last time I played catch up I left off finishing summer school. PAUSE. Yes summer school. It’s honestly the best (if you’re in college, I highly recommend this) so what’s been going on since then?


  • my nephew was born at the beginning of August (he is so precious and is so adored by his aunt B)
  • I made a BIG life choice that wasn’t easy= taking on a job at Six Flags Headquarters.
  • Watched one of my closest friends graduate from nursing school.
  • Moved my sister in at college- WRECK EM TECH!
  • Got my hair chopped off. And I love it.
  • Went to Lubbock 2 times in a span of 2 weeks.
  • Flew on an airplane alone. And it was great.
  • Tried to keep a good diary but failed.
  • And prepared to turn 21.


  • Started classes again (Marketing major over here) and SO ready to be done.
  • Had a fiesta pot luck at work (now famous for my sopapilla cheesecake)
  • Turned 21 on September 10th and celebrated with my friends at Truck Yard in Dallas!
  • Prepared for Nashville (where I went for my bday)
  • Had the BEST time exploring my new favorite city!
  • Went to a family friends wedding.
  • Caught up with my SR family.
  • Shopped at the Sip & Shop hosted by Southern Roots.
  • Went to the A&M vs. Arkansas game at Cowboys Stadium!
  • Had brunch at the CUTEST place with Conner (my bf) and his family!
  • And tried to pretend it was fall in 100° heat!

OCTOBER: this is an unfinished list

  • picked up 3 dozen of the most beautiful and delicious cookies for a work meeting (and now famous for these too)
  • Made a road trip to Lubbock with my mom to visit my sister for Family Weekend!
  • Selling my Halloween Tees (message me for info)
  • Working on selling my presets (woohoo)
  • Getting my hair colored
  • Going to the Kacey Musgraves concert with my girls.
  • Working Christmas in Cowtown Oct. 12th
  • Going to Fredriscksburg (Conner planned a trip to the wine hill country for my bday)
  • And OBVIOUSLY going to the fair!

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a cookie. I know this is a lot. But a lot has happened and it’s just getting started. I promise to be more consistent on here and post some outfits y’all have been asking about, amazon finds, and more! Thank you so much for caring about this blog & me! I’ll see you very very soon!


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