Hi friends! Happy January 74th I mean 30th. It feels like this month has just gone on and on and on and I’m ready for February! Mostly because we are one more month closer to spring which means alllll the bright fun colors to wear, moods always seem brighter, and the house feels cleaner. But until then, I’ll focus on what’s been going on now. As much as I’m SO ready to be out of January so many things have happened that make this month feel so rewarding and I feel so accomplished!

So here we are 1st month into a new decade, a new month, and new beginnings:

Coming into 2020 with G O A L S instead of New Years resolutions has been huge game changer for me this year. At first i was like well what’s the difference? Well lemme tell ya🍯. Goals: this is what a person aims for with a direction to follow, to achieve your results. Resolutions: are a decision not to do something or change something you don’t like. I say all this because when I started jotting down things I wanted for myself in the new year they were all things that I could aim for and work everyday or gradually become closer to, instead of changing or not doing. So here’s just a few of the things I wrote down:

  • Save money: my goal is to put a percentage of each paycheck in savings to meet my end of year $$ goal.
  • Keep only what is needed in your closet, room, bathroom: my goal is to prioritize my needs vs. my wants.
  • Finish up college: yes y’all I am still here but ALMOST done. 5 more classes and it’s PEACE OUT. My goal is to finish my last 2 semesters with a 4.0
  • To build the social media for Six Flags: this isn’t that personal, but my goal is to really build the brand voice and become more active on social!

So far so good y’all, these goals have really come into play this month. I have successfully saved more month this month by prioritizing what I really need vs what i really want. This one is HUGE for me. And it feels good to save. I’ve also cleaned my closet 3 times, and my mom and I have gone through every drawer, closet, room in the house to declutter and MAN does it feel refreshed. Once school started it was game on, I had such a terrible mindset about finishing and I wanted to give up, until my advisor sent me the pre graduation checklist and wooo I am determined to knock this last stretch out. And as far as my job, I loooove it!! It’s a slow and steady race to this goal but it will happen.

If you’re still reading: I love you! Thank you! Now let’s keep going!

With allllll of that being said, I cannot wait to see what else I can accomplish and strive for. It’s been a busy month but it is so rewarding when I can look back at my goals and be like: YOU GOT THIS! AND SO DO YOU! Which brings me to my next point. I know we are all in the same but different boat. I know we all have things we are battling or something we want to change. I know you may be comparing yourself to someone you see online. I know you might want to quit or give up. I know you have these resolutions and you keep saying oh maybe next month or tomorrow or next year. I know all this because i go through it too, and i see other people going through it. BUT I am here to tell you that if you can start off with 2/3 goals. Yes goals. That you can see end results from, y’all it is so rewarding. And who doesn’t love a challenge.

Now that was a little dramatic just now but seriously, write down your goals and go full force into reaching them. It’s only month 1/12 but if the rest of the year can have moments like this then I’m here for it. CHEERS to only having 2 more days of this looong month. See you in Feb!❤️


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