Dear Monday, I hope you brought wine

Hi friends! How’s everyone doing? This is such a crazy time right now. We are literally living in an event that will go down in the history books! In light of this pandemic we are in I thought it would be a good time to start this blog back up. I don’t know where the time went and why I had writers block but it happens. SO let’s get caught up on what’s been happening.

Right before we got sent into self quarantine, I was schooling and working! Then came the social distancing which included celebrating my sisters 19th birthday COVID-19 style. Filled with cake, donuts, cfa chicken minis, and cotton candy mimosas. Here’s a small recap of a birthday we will never forget!

We also got to celebrate St. Patty’s day, party of 1. Not much to report on that one just a mini product shoot with some of the best cookies ever!

Next came many nights of game night: Monopoly & Yahtzee! Learning how to cook new meals, indulging in everything in site, and countless walks around the neighborhood. FUN STUFF I KNOW.

I’m not going to lie, I thought in the beginning of this I would be self motivated and start working out, eating better, learn a new skill/hobby, and come up with some self care routines…. that has not happened. And I feel like that’s okay! We get caught up in going and going and going that when we have the time to relax we feel like we need to be going and going and going. We deserve to relax, or do any, and not have to feel bad about it. Now, don’t get lazy HAHA. But just remember it is okay to take time to yourself.

I have also had 4 weeks of doing enough to keep busy, but now I’m feeling motivated! SO here are some thoughts moving forward about what I want to get done:

  • Make a hair tutorial
  • Do a makeup/ skincare tutorial
  • Create a bible study to complete
  • Do an at home workout and share!
  • Get creative and do some fun photoshoot with home props/neighborhood finds
  • Get caught up on alllll my unfinished Netflix series
  • Tie dye a set & share!

The last thing to get caught up on is how Easter went! Usually we get with family and have a fish fry, sit outside and relax! But because we have to be self quarantined that’s not possible. BUT we created a new *tradition* French toast and quiche for breakfast, walks around the neighborhood, and sitting outside waving to new faces that walk by. I’m curious: what have you done in your stay at home time?🙌🏻☺️

Whelp, got to go take care of Conner (he just got his wisdom teeth out) and he needs a milkshake! Next time I write hopefully I will have more to share. Stay safe! Wash your hands! Stay home! Flatten the curve!

One day we will look back on all this and wonder why we dressed up like Lysol bottles.


One thought on “Dear Monday, I hope you brought wine

  1. I really enjoyed this upbeat post. I think you’re right about the “best intentions”. After an abortive (at least for now) attempt at learning sign language online and another at a “Great Course,” I’ve gone back to my books and kitchen and, like you, walks around the neighborhood. Whatever works!


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