Hi Monday! How are we doing today? Woke up this morning feeling so refreshed and refocused. Spent the weekend unplugged as much as I could be and let me just tell you- it was so good for the soul. This Monday has been off to a great start & hoping it bleeds into the rest of the week!

Kicking off with a super fun collab with a small business I ran across and instantly fell in love it! One thing I am super passionate about it supporting local businesses and ones who I can tell put 100% of their heart into. I’ve always been drawn to small businesses and it’s been a blast being able to talk with these business owners and see first hand their products!

THE WILDFLOWER CO. x Brenna collab is here and to say I’m obsessed with Sheyanne and her business is an understatement. Let me just share a few things I love about Wildflower Co.

The Wildflower Company is home to handmade, crafted, and designed clay earrings by the sweetest soul, Sheyanne. These earrings are made to bring confidence and joy & that’s exactly what they do. Her Instagram is so fun and colorful which brings me joy and each design she makes is totally different and unique. I love how she pictures each earring and brings her passion to life! Which is another reason I love supporting her. Let me show you which pieces I got!


The honeycomb earrings and these stacked stars have me with all the heart eyes! Clearly need everything “bee” related because of this blog! And a neutral pair to go with any outfit. PLUS look how cute that Texas necklace is.

All of this to say, I would 100% purchase any of her earrings for gifts and to treat myself. I’ll link her website so you can go see for yourself how cute all of her earrings are.


I cant wait for y’all to fall in love with the Wildflower Co. It’s been so fun shooting these pictures and sharing with you. Have a great week! Cheers🤍


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