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Let’s revamp this creative space again, why don’t we! Hi everyone- it’s been long enough. I checked and the last time I was on this blog was June 2020. I don’t even wanna recap last year because we all know how that looked. INSANE. One thing I know for sure is that I want to revamp this blog, and SHARE SHARE SHARE. I am SO done with comparison, SO over feeling I have to be perfect all the time, and I’m SO ready to live MY life exactly how God intended me to live… through Him, and my through my own story. Can I get an AMEN! When I started this blog my junior year of college it was exciting and a lot of fun, and over time it quickly became a chore and I became less fun. I just had too many tabs open y’all, school and work is a full time task and I never wanted to resent starting this blog. There was so much pressure I had put on myself to handle this this and that and it was draining and totally not fun. Taking breaks is such a healthy thing to do and knowing your limits is amazing. I feel like Im in a place in my life now, where I don’t have too many distractions, I’m happy, and I’m feeling this fire inside of me to take this blog back and RIDE IT LIKE I STOLE IT!!!!!!!!

So what have I been up to since I was last on here? Let’s recap a little bit!

  • I got furloughed with Six Flags right when COVID hit hard. I cried and cried but I was okay. I watched my precious nephew that summer and it was the best.
  • I was out of a job for 4.5 months and in July, I got a call from Southern Roots to come back and run the creative and social, and it was one of the best decisions I made in 2020.
  • I started back at SR in August and it felt so good to be back, I picked up right where I left.
  • Holidays came around and it was all a 2020 blur- but SO fun with friends and family!
  • In January Conner and I both got Covid and quarantined together until we got better.
  • Southern Roots also announced that we were moving locations, and we opened in Feb!
  • We’ve all been smashing goals at SR in our new location.
  • Life has just been MOVING so fast. I cannot believe it’s May.

RECAP of some of my favorite looks from Southern Roots. Be sure you’re following us on instagram: @shopsouthernrootstx

Y’all know I could talk about every little detail on what events happened between June 2020 and May 2020, but I’ll spare the details and keep you up to date on what’s happening MOVING forward….. see y’all very soon. Like Friday soon!


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