Yes, comfy has become a 3/4 times a week look!

Sappy little appreciation post real fast about Conner! He definitely deserves a lot more of these. But, he has been SO supportive of this crazy wild last minute blogging thing. He is 9/10 times the person behind the camera. Which sounds crazy because what guy wants to spend his time taking pictures of a girl in a million outfits? I’ll tell you who, Conner Vaughan! But sorry ladies he’s taken. Anyways- he’s so patient with me when I’m having him retake pics and going to new places and changing outfits. Needless to say, GIRLS, get you a Conner Vaughan. Not because he takes tons of pics of me, but because he has such a kind heart and he’s such a blessing. I have been praying for a guy like him, and LORD!!!! You did it. But back to fashion… ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s face it, as much as we would really like to dress cute everyday… its just so difficult some days. I think as a fashion society whole, we are totally accepting the 3/4 days of the week looking comfy. And I’m for it! There are days where I literally plan to look comfy. Anyone else do that? Like I will lay out my athletic/sporty outfit on purpose. Theres just too many cute athlesuire places nowadays. The cute tennis shoes, which in my case are just for looks ๐Ÿ˜‰ So many cute sweaters and pullovers. Its just easier some days to just be comfy. Thank the Lord for dry shampoo though because my hair experiences a lot of “comfy” days lol! This past weekend was chilly but the sun was out so it was great for layering. This look is what is called ONLY by Conner, the Referee look. There’s not a day that I wear these that I don’t hear a referee joke or ref call. It’s just something I.m going to have to get used to because these leggings aren’t going A N Y W H E R E. Details below.

Leggings: Ok here’s my take on the Lululemon ordeal. They are bottom line the very best. The price? Oh well, I’m 100% okay with paying for quality. The lulu leggings suck you in, keep you comfy, and they are extremely comfortable. Plus they keep there shape even after you wear them 100 times without washing them. So ladies, if you haven’t joined the club, you are missing out. I love this print and I don’t care what anyone says. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m wearing a size 2. Click here

Pullover: I got this soft sherpa pullover at Southern Roots. It’s Dylan which is the women’s line of True Grit. So its the real deal and this brand is solid. This style was new this year and I hope they bring it back. The v neck is different than the other 100 1/4 zip ones I have. We are sold out at Southern Roots and Dylan only has the black left! Click here

Sneakers: I have been OBSESSED with these shoes, y’all. I have seen them everywhere and I couldn’t live without them. They are Adidas which means COMFY!! They have a ton of colors including black that I like but these >>> Click here or Here or Here

Corkcicle: One of my NYR was to drink more water and thanks to this Canteen, its definitely been forcing me to drink more water. I love it! If you haven’t heard of them its been on Oprah’s favorite things so I mean it’s pretty cool. They are triple insulated, a no slip grip on the bottom, plus all the sizes they have fit in any cupholder. We sell them here at Southern Roots! Click here

I have so many cute things I’ve been obsessing over from Southern Roots & I can’t wait to show y’all! If you don’t want to wait here’s the link to the new arrivals! Talk to y’all soon ๐Ÿ™‚ NEW ARRIVALS HERE

Spring- please bring your warmer weather NOW!

Let’s take a quick poll here. Raise your hand if you can’t wait until warmer weather. If you could see me in person right now all my hands and feet and fingers and toes are raised! Haha, seriously though, Spring brings so many wonderful things, including the cutest pieces of clothes to mix and match with. New patterns, fun night colors, and well warmer weather. Spring is also great to break out those white jeans you own. Some of you are scared of white, but ladies let me just tell you… they are a total game changer. It is the first step to transitioning and the possibilities are endless when it comes to “what do I even pair with white denim?” I know Spring doesn’t officially start for a while, but I don’t care! I have been ready since Spring left- so today is my official First Day of Spring ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me just give you a little behind the scenes reason WHY I have been ready for spring for a while now:

  1. At SR we have been getting CRAZY amounts of Spring 2019 clothing in, and we’ve been getting them in since the beginning of DECEMBER. So I’ve been holding myself back from purchasing anything
  2. Warmer weather means you can have more flexibility with your outfits. Skirts, Shorts, & Dresses
  3. Brighter clothing brings out brighter moods in people
  4. It’s only a season away from SUMMER!!!

One of the perks of my job I mentioned about in an earlier blog post, is being able to see all this fun stuff we get in before we put it out on the floor! One of the perks about following THIS blog, is that you too, get to see things before it hits the floor (aka this top). This past Friday I took a few girls out to the Dallas Farmers Market to shoot for New Arrivals launching on Wednesday at Southern Roots. In the midst of running around snapping the cutest pics ever!! I might add, this cute wall was literally calling my name. Here’s the details of my outfit:

Shirt: This top is from Southern Roots and launches THIS Wednesday under the New Arrivals section. It’s so cute for spring paired with white jeans and wedges or sandals. Keep it around for Summer too, it’ll go great with your favorite cut offs.

Jeans: I got these at my other favorite boutique, Groovys, they are sold out but I found them off another website. They are adorable on especially the hem of them. The best part is, they are under $50!! Click here

Shoes: I’ve had these for SO long, I don’t even remember where I got them but I did a little digging and found some similar ones. Click here and Here

Earrings: Y’all- let me give you one keyword for every season… STATEMENT EARRINGS!!! This is probably another thing I am obsessed with besides handbags and shoes. These are handmade in Brazil, are SO lightweight, and come in multiple colors and styles. Me and my mom combined have like 6 pairs. They are also from Southern Roots and are called Trea Earrings. Click here

Belt: I have too many things I want in life to spend money on the real deal, so heres a great dupe I found off Amazon. I have the black and the brown and wear them all the time and get so many compliments. Your wallet will love you after this purchase I promise. Click here

I have successfully made it a week with my new blog! I hope y’all are enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it. Have a great week y’all!

My style defined…

Happy Sunday, y’all! What a crazy, busy week it’s been. Sundays have always been a great day to sit back and recap the week. If you know me you know my week NEVER looks the same, and each day something new happens. This week I feel very accomplished. I have successfully finished a weeks worth of homework way before the due date, I have organized and reorganized my closet, I have revamped the website for SR SPRING, did a really cute photoshoot for SR, AND celebrated my moms birthday! Also, this week I had an assignment for my strengths and weaknesses and although some were hard to swallow I feel accomplished knowing I can learn from it. In the midst of all this craziness I found time to really focus on what I want out of this blog. Up until this point I have laid out things about myself so you could get caught up of 20 years of my life in 3 posts. I feel like you know me pretty well now ๐Ÿ™‚ But, what you don’t know about me yet is… what even is my style? Because yes I will be throwing in personal things, fun memories, great travel experiences, and even amazing food recommendations, this blog is going to be centered around FASHION! Which is something I have been getting a lot of comments about. So lets get to it shall we. This is where the real fun happens!

Pictured above is my outfit from Wednesday. It was FREEZING that day. I know I’m from Texas and it doesn’t get very cold a lot, but lemme tell ya- it was cold.

Shirt: It is the brand Wildfox- this one is from Nordstrom Rack and it was on sale for a STEAL! It is the softest thing I’ve ever owned y’all. Here’s the link to their website, but if you can find this brand on sale- its SO worth it.

Jeans: My jeans are from one of my fav boutiques (besides SR) Groovys. They have a great selection of denim for all body types & they aren’t afraid to showcase some that are unusual.

Jacket: My mom gave me this faux fur jacket for Christmas and its from Poshmark. Here is a similar one I found:

Shoes: These are the Adidas Superstars… OBSESSED.

So lets talk style… I don’t really have one tbh. I don’t have a set THIS is my style. I have so many its hard to even decide! One thing I will agree on, is that not having a style IS a style. I can be dressed up preppy, casual, sporty, and boho. Some of the things I have heard about my style is that I always try to incorporate color and patterns. And I incorporate I keep it simple but I can also throw in a stand out piece. As I’ve gotten older I definitely think my style has changed and matured, but I have also gotten more creative. Which is the best part about fashion, just putting things together and figuring out what you like and feel confident in. Out of all my outfits I wore this week, for my first FASHION post I wanted to showcase an outfit I was obsessed with! I can’t wait to see where this blog takes me.

Shoes & Crossbody’s go with me like Frosting goes with Cupcakes!

Today’s outfit was put together at 6:15 this morning, which is how most of my outfits are thrown together, BUT… I was off to Dallas Market with the SR store owner, Caroline (my awesome boss) to help pick out SPRING 2019! If you follow Southern Roots I promise you’ll be pleased. We have the cutest things coming in and I already know 99% of it will be coming home with me. Which is one of the best parts about my job, hehe!

Details About my Outfit:

Handbag: Gucci Dupe from Amazon! Seriously the quality of this crossbody is kinda scary how much it resembles the real deal. If you are looking for that designer look but not ready to drop loads of money- here is your solution. It comes in a few other colors as well as a leather option. $35!!!

Sweater: I bought this sweater on a whim y’all. I was at a Holiday Market Show for SR- and we had this piece from Show Me Your Mumu and I wore it for display because it wasn’t selling as fast as some other things… I put this sucker on and SOLD OUT within 10 minutes. Good thing I put this on and knew it wasn’t leaving without me buying it. They still have a few left on their site I will link it. It’s such a different sweater than I’m used to but I get SO many compliments on it.

Vest: This vest has been my staple, go to, wear with everything vest. Its from the boutique I work at. We only have 1 or 2 left and its on sale originally $110 on sale for $20!!! Good thing is, we restock this vest in other colors for the fall. Its the warmest piece of clothing I own, and you can dress it up or down. I wear it with my leggings and t-shirts with tennis shoes and its way a great way to dress my comfy look up.

ShoesThese shoes are adorable y’all. I found them off a boutique I randomly ran across, called Aspyn & Ivy, and bought them in .5 seconds. I love the color and not gonna lie, I wish they came in more colors because I would have bought several. I originally bought them for me and decided to give them to my mom for Christmas, but good thing we wear the same size. They still have them in stock, too! Im thinking we will still get really good use out of them transitioning into spring and summer. They are a fun way to spice up an outfit.

Day 23/365 is NOT too late to start your NY Resolutions!


(noun): a driven busy gal who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.

Today was the first day in January I was actually aware that this month was almost over. I mean, time just doesn’t slow down for anyone. While it may be day 23/365 I don’t remember there being a rule that you had to start your New Year Resolutions on day 1. Let’s just have an honest moment real fast… I didn’t have time to write down a fancy list of things I wish to accomplish this year and begin acting on them ASAP. Just wasn’t happening. Life moves faster and faster each year. And although the days may be long and the weekends fast, the year does go by WAY faster. Yes- I have many things I would like to ultimately achieve this year, but if you’re like me… you need small victories but big dreams. What I mean by that is, I don’t need to check everything off my list all at once. I feel much more accomplished scratching things off slowly, even when they are “small victories“. And then eventually all these little things add up to the bigger dream/ goal. So, here I am day 23 of 2019, making that fancy list of things that I HOPE to accomplish this year.

My advice to you for Day 24: make that fancy list of small victories. Drink more water. Make that 4.0 this semester. Work hard and then work harder. But most importantly, do it all for YOU! Here’s my NYR:

  1. I do drink quite a lot of water, but not enough. DRINK MORE WATER
  2. Be more patient with people
  3. Read more fashion blogs/magazines
  4. Stay on top of my school (I’m so close to finishing)
  5. Make more time for my friends- they keep me goin when things get tough
  6. Give more words of affirmation to Conner
  7. Grow the SR online store more than last year
  8. Make more time to do things with my little sister (she’s going off to college soon)
  9. Read my Bible WAY more!!! And not just read- but learn
  10. Start my blog & have people read it!!
  11. This one is a bonus: I’d like to give back more. Whether it be to a charity, back to the community, my church, or to my neighbors.

Thanks for letting me share with y’all my small victory checklist. I’d really love to hear yours- because it might inspire me to make my goals bigger. Comment on my blog post or message me on Instagram or Facebook!

The job that is responsible for my shopping “problem”

Just like the title says, It’s Not Work If You’re Having Fun, it’s hard to believe that your first job would end up having the greatest impact on your life. In my case, that is the case. I got my first big girl job at the age of 17. In high school I played club volleyball and school volleyball which was pretty much all year long. My parents were generous enough to not FORCE me to apply for any job until volleyball was over. So, after I graduated I began my job search. I have ALWAYS had a passion for clothing and accessories so it was natural for me to only apply to places that would benefit my fashion needs. HA! After a couple rejections, I got my first interview at Southern Roots. I had absolutely no idea how to even talk in an interview. So there I went, no experience, no interview practice, just me. After a couple weeks of waiting I got THE CALL. I got the job! So, fast forward through training and first day and all that fun stuff I became an official Sales Associate at Southern Roots.

A little background on Southern Roots can be found here:

Back to my story, I quickly became obsessed with working there. Its a clothing boutique, so what’s not to like. By the end of week 1 I’m pretty sure I had already spent more money than I was making but it comes with the job sometimes. I LOVED everything about working here. My co workers, my boss, even the customers. It seriously could not have been a better place to start a first job. So after a year and a half (2018) of going to school full time, and working part time, I was pulled aside and given the opportunity to take over the eCommerce & Marketing aspect of the business FULL TIME. HOW COOL Y’ALL. I still thank God daily that my boss had enough faith and trust in me to take on such a major part of her dream. Being that it’s a small business its crucial to have someone taking time to showcase your business. I never thought in a million years that person would be me. I remember my first couple months of working here I was so intrigued with taking pics for the store, captioning photos, planning photoshoots, and ultimately running the online store that I was just dreaming of the day that person could be me. Fast forward another year (2019) here I am today, going to school online full time, and working full time as THAT person. And y’all, its not all roses and butterflies, but the reward of knowing I am doing both and I am doing it to the best of my ability is SO SO worth it all. I am not here to brag about the accomplishments, just simply sharing that dreams even the small ones, do come true if you put your mind to it, believe in yourself, and just go for it. Eventually I would really love to share some of the things I am responsible for at SR and all the really cool things I’ve learned but here’s a small cliff hanger ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s another one of my lists I was telling you I like making, except this one is shorter.

  1. The clothing is just way too cute to pass up
  2. I get to see the products we receive before anyone else, so like its kinda cool that I get first dibs, hahaha whoops!
  3. My entire family, even my step dad, shops there. I just can’t escape it even if I could.
  4. Did I mention that we also have a men’s section?
  5. I have memorized my credit card number and, hello, I’m in charge of our online website/store so I have EASY access to what I want & when I want
  6. If you are in any way, shape, or form, a shopper… listen here… I am not one to push things in peoples face, but this stuff is just way too cute to pass up.

And so the journey begins…

Hey you~ thanks for taking the time to visit my first ever blog post! Having my own blog has been a dream of mine for quite some time now, and I have finally built up the creative courage to do it. So here we go… my first ever blog post! I hope whoever is reading will gain something from this, in hopes of one day going after your dreams!

Xoxo, Brenna