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Let’s revamp this creative space again, why don’t we! Hi everyone- it’s been long enough. I checked and the last time I was on this blog was June 2020. I don’t even wanna recap last year because we all know how that looked. INSANE. One thing I know for sure is that I want to revamp this blog, and SHARE SHARE SHARE. I am SO done with comparison, SO over feeling I have to be perfect all the time, and I’m SO ready to live MY life exactly how God intended me to live… through Him, and my through my own story. Can I get an AMEN! When I started this blog my junior year of college it was exciting and a lot of fun, and over time it quickly became a chore and I became less fun. I just had too many tabs open y’all, school and work is a full time task and I never wanted to resent starting this blog. There was so much pressure I had put on myself to handle this this and that and it was draining and totally not fun. Taking breaks is such a healthy thing to do and knowing your limits is amazing. I feel like Im in a place in my life now, where I don’t have too many distractions, I’m happy, and I’m feeling this fire inside of me to take this blog back and RIDE IT LIKE I STOLE IT!!!!!!!!

So what have I been up to since I was last on here? Let’s recap a little bit!

  • I got furloughed with Six Flags right when COVID hit hard. I cried and cried but I was okay. I watched my precious nephew that summer and it was the best.
  • I was out of a job for 4.5 months and in July, I got a call from Southern Roots to come back and run the creative and social, and it was one of the best decisions I made in 2020.
  • I started back at SR in August and it felt so good to be back, I picked up right where I left.
  • Holidays came around and it was all a 2020 blur- but SO fun with friends and family!
  • In January Conner and I both got Covid and quarantined together until we got better.
  • Southern Roots also announced that we were moving locations, and we opened in Feb!
  • We’ve all been smashing goals at SR in our new location.
  • Life has just been MOVING so fast. I cannot believe it’s May.

RECAP of some of my favorite looks from Southern Roots. Be sure you’re following us on instagram: @shopsouthernrootstx

Y’all know I could talk about every little detail on what events happened between June 2020 and May 2020, but I’ll spare the details and keep you up to date on what’s happening MOVING forward….. see y’all very soon. Like Friday soon!


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21 Facts About Me

Hi there, friends! Thanks for stopping by, if you’re a new follower here or just an old one wondering what the heck I’m all about… I’m about to share some random facts about me. You may or may not care to know these things, but in case you do here goes nothing! I also think this is fun because one day I will look back on this blog post and either still relate to these facts, or it’s long gone. So really this is for me (HA)! I would really love to hear if you can relate to any of these facts! You also may be wondering why I chose 21 things… first fact about me: I am 21- my birthday is September 10th (any Virgos out there)?

  1. Like I just said, I am 21 years old! I absolutely love being born in September. And technically I am still a ‘summer’ baby, which is fun. I am a virgo and am reallllly into reading my horoscope. T R U E virgo over here!
  2. POV: you’re at a restaurant with me, eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, and you will see me put one or all of the following things on my food ALWAYS! Salt, Hot Sauce, or Red Pepper Flakes. I love spicy food! I always pick the spicy option. And always add salt. People in my life really get annoyed with this but it’s just how I am.
  3. My love language has always been words of affirmation. But the last 2 years of my life I can tell it has changed and I think I am more of an acts of service/receiving gifts type. I feel loved when people do things for me or gift me something that makes them think of me. If you want to know what your love language is here is the test I took!
  4. My parents got divorced right after I graduated high school (S/O to class of 2016). I still live in my childhood home with my sweet mama and step-dad. I am so thankful I am able to still live at home and save money!
  5. I have 5 more classes until I graduate college in December. I take all online classes at Texas A&M University- Commerce and will graduate with a bachelors degree in Marketing. I have been able to balance being a full-time college student and also working full-time. I will say I have had to give up a lot of personal/social time but its rewarding looking back and talking to people about how I can do it all.
  6. This one is very simple. Beach > Mountains
  7. I have a cute little white chihuahua named Topanga- she was a rescue and supposed to be a family dog but quickly turned into mine. She does not leave my side y’all + I am the only one she trusts/likes. She’s precious!!
  8. Pink is my favorite color! Which is funny because I don’t have a lot of pink clothes > but a ton of pink items if that makes sense.
  9. Back to food- I have to have the temperature of my food and drinks to be either extremely cold or extremely hot! I will heat my dinner up sometimes if it’s not hot enough.
  10. I stick to a pretty basic and loose form of the Keto diet. I have found that being on a low carb balance has helped me feel better, I have more energy, and my skin is way clearer. Blog post coming soon about what I eat and how I remain on keto.
  11. I have a few guilty pleasures: McDonalds, Jack in the Box tacos, rom-coms, and listening to my top 5 songs on repeat 100x in the car.
  12. My favorite thing to do is to sit on a patio on a sunny day with my family and friends, listening to good music. My family does this a lot and I love it.
  13. I tan very very easily. It’s so funny because my sister has very fair skin and when we lay out I am 500 shades darker than she ever gets.
  14. Conner is my boyfriend of 2.5 years! We have gone to school together since we were in 2nd grade and remained friends up until we started dating. He’s the very best!
  15. I have always been very athletic and try staying in shape best I can. I played club volleyball along with school volleyball 6th grade-my senior year! I would have loved to go to school to play volleyball but it just didn’t happen that way.
  16. I am a Christian. I am the furthest thing from perfect, and I do stray away sometimes. I just know we serve a BIG God and will always welcome you home. I have never fought with this- I have been a believer my whole life. It’s not easy, but it is something I wake up and believe in everyday. He > I.
  17. My music library consists of a lot of Texas country, 70s and 80s music, rock, Christian music, and a handful of rap. There isn’t anything I won’t listen to!
  18. I have a younger sister and an older brother and an amazing sister in law who check off all the sibling boxes. We are all super close and talk everyday in our group message. If it’s a trending topic in the world… we are talking about it.
  19. My top bucket list item is to travel to all 50 states. Pretty simple, but its something I want to be able to say I’ve done.
  20. I am a SOCIAL butterfly. I feel like one of my best personality traits is to be friendly to people, be approachable, and making friends. And plus I love talking.
  21. Aside from my own instagram I own 2 other accounts. One is a food blog and the other is my online boutique. I will be doing separate blogs about both accounts but you can follow them here and here!

WHEWWW! Do you think you know me any better? Do you share similar facts about yourself? Thanks for sticking around and if you’ve made it this far THANK YOU!! I want to hear some facts about you! Comment or message me on Instagram. Have a great day y’all!



Chapter 12 of 12

Ok you guys- how the heck is it December already?! I wanted to jump on here really fast to tell you what I’ve been up to the last month or so. So here we go:

Lot’s of people have asked me about how I edit my pics and its safe to say that I have officially launched my presets and y’all have gone crazy over them! A H U G E thank you to all the people who have supported this. If you want to purchase my presets they are $10 or a pack of 3 for $20!! I will link here:

Next order of business: I have started my own small business!! It’s called Honey & Rhea and I launched this with the dream of starting my own online boutique. Clearly we have a lot of work to do, and I am working on getting more things to put out there. I am also working on a website so it will be easy to purchase things. A little story about the name because I know you’re like what thaaa… Nothing extremely sentimental or a lightbulb moment but it does reflect me, which is what I wanted. So the Honey part is to play off of this blog- which is where I started. B’s > Bee’s > Honey GET IT?! So then Rhea is my middle name- which I’ve always loved. I think it makes for a good second part of a business name. Thanks mom!!

You can follow my online business on instagram: @shophoneyandrhea

Last thing I want to talk about is the fact that I have completely finished my Christmas shopping. Funny story- I started on Thanksgiving at 9pm and did not stop shopping (with no breaks) until 4pm on FRIDAY!! I don’t know if that’s funny or just crazy. But it was a blast and I got a lot of great deals.

Now that you know what I’ve been doing, I can start with my fashion guides, amazon hauls, good finds and MORE!! If you are new around here THANK YOU for stopping by! I can’t wait to jump on here again and share some holiday guides all from AMAZON!! Ill see you next post!



Let’s play catch up!

hey hey hey- it’s me! did you forget about this place? I’m sorry, let me remind you! WELCOME to All The B’s Wax: a place filled with Amazon finds, shopping gems, life hacks, and of course JESUS. I’m Brenna and I’m excited you decided to open this blog up! There’s a lot of new faces here so it’s fitting to play a little catch up. One thing I find very refreshing and humbling is to write down the things I’ve accomplished over a couple months. I like to cross things off my list and see what goals I still have left to accomplish. This post is fresh off the brain so this is an update on what’s been done, what’s going on right now, and what’s to come! (Thank you for scrolling this far, let’s get to it)

Okay, so last time I played catch up I left off finishing summer school. PAUSE. Yes summer school. It’s honestly the best (if you’re in college, I highly recommend this) so what’s been going on since then?


  • my nephew was born at the beginning of August (he is so precious and is so adored by his aunt B)
  • I made a BIG life choice that wasn’t easy= taking on a job at Six Flags Headquarters.
  • Watched one of my closest friends graduate from nursing school.
  • Moved my sister in at college- WRECK EM TECH!
  • Got my hair chopped off. And I love it.
  • Went to Lubbock 2 times in a span of 2 weeks.
  • Flew on an airplane alone. And it was great.
  • Tried to keep a good diary but failed.
  • And prepared to turn 21.


  • Started classes again (Marketing major over here) and SO ready to be done.
  • Had a fiesta pot luck at work (now famous for my sopapilla cheesecake)
  • Turned 21 on September 10th and celebrated with my friends at Truck Yard in Dallas!
  • Prepared for Nashville (where I went for my bday)
  • Had the BEST time exploring my new favorite city!
  • Went to a family friends wedding.
  • Caught up with my SR family.
  • Shopped at the Sip & Shop hosted by Southern Roots.
  • Went to the A&M vs. Arkansas game at Cowboys Stadium!
  • Had brunch at the CUTEST place with Conner (my bf) and his family!
  • And tried to pretend it was fall in 100° heat!

OCTOBER: this is an unfinished list

  • picked up 3 dozen of the most beautiful and delicious cookies for a work meeting (and now famous for these too)
  • Made a road trip to Lubbock with my mom to visit my sister for Family Weekend!
  • Selling my Halloween Tees (message me for info)
  • Working on selling my presets (woohoo)
  • Getting my hair colored
  • Going to the Kacey Musgraves concert with my girls.
  • Working Christmas in Cowtown Oct. 12th
  • Going to Fredriscksburg (Conner planned a trip to the wine hill country for my bday)
  • And OBVIOUSLY going to the fair!

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a cookie. I know this is a lot. But a lot has happened and it’s just getting started. I promise to be more consistent on here and post some outfits y’all have been asking about, amazon finds, and more! Thank you so much for caring about this blog & me! I’ll see you very very soon!



Sunshine Blogger Award

HI LOVES! Currently watching the bachelor in paradise + thinking about all the things I have planned this week + mentally preparing myself for the summer to end and school starting. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by @selfiesandootds!

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

This is a nomination by other bloggers who are bring positivity + creative content to this crazy IG game! This award recognizes each other’s work we admire. @selfiesandoodts has asked me 11 questions to answer + in return I get to nominate a few bloggers I’ve admired and followed.



Question #1

“What is a staple item in your closet?”

– My most staple item in my closet right now are my favorite busted knee Free People jeans! And of course my 6 Birkenstock’s (hehe yes 6)

Question #2

“What is the smartest purchase you’ve ever made?”

– This is such a hard question idk how I choose. I’m thinking my most practical item that i use everyday (lol) would have to be my Corkcicle. Y’all. Every single day. It’s amazing, and I drink probably 3x more water everyday by having one.

Question #3

“If money wasn’t an object, where would you choose to live?”

– I honestly love Texas so much and don’t ever see myself leaving but money aside Florida for sure.

Question #4

“Most recent DIY you tried?”

– WELLLLLLL, this is not very cool but I made planting pots out of La Croix cans + succulents and it turned out so cute!

Question #5

“If you could only eat 1 food for the rest of your life what would it be?

– Tacos. Tacos. And more TACOS!!!!

Question #6

“When you’re feelings lazy, and don’t want to cook, what do you make?”

– This usually consists of making a trip to Taco Casa but if I’m making something I would make a BOMB charcuterie board because that’s so easy + honestly one of my fav things to make.

Question #7

“What color best describes you, and why?”

– Ask anyone, any time, any place. It’s gonna be pink. Hot pink, light pink, any kind of pink. Why? Well that’s my favorite color but I think it’s so fun, vibrant, and feminine. It also to me resembles approachability + I feel like I have that.

Question #8

“Craziest coincidence you’ve ever experienced?”

This is the hardest question so far. I’m going to have to think about this…. Nothing is surfacing. I’ll keep you updated!

Question #9

“What is your opinion of avocado toast?”

– This is going to be a yes from me.

Question #10


– Rolling Stone by Whiskey Myers or Cover Me Up cover by Morgan Wallen

Question #11

“What is the #1 item on your bucket list?”

– This is #1 because it’s achievable, but I want to visit all 50 states and be a tourist in that state!

This was really meaningful + so fun to do. Time to go nominate a few people I admire! I’d love to share my questions on here + if you’d like to share your answers PLEASE DO!

  1. Best advice you’ve ever been given?
  2. What is your favorite place you’ve visited?
  3. What is your go to snack during the day?
  4. Favorite place to shop?
  5. What’s been your highest point in life so far?
  6. What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?
  7. What is your dream job?
  8. What would you do with 15 minutes of fame?
  9. If you could trade places with someone famous for a day, who would you choose?
  10. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  11. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Thanks again @selfiesandootds for nominating me for this. It’s been fun + challenging! I hope y’all have a great week + talk to you in my next blog post!



Where have I been!?!

hello! nice to talk to you again! where have I been? what have I been doing? are you ever going to do a blog post again? what’s the tea?

hello! how are you today! nice to talk to y’all again! to make it short & sweet- I’ve been everywhere but here. yes I’m still going to do blog posts! and yes I’ve got lots of tea😉

I gotta catch y’all up on so many life changes! like so much has happened in a short amount of time. I’m sure you all have had moments like this in your life. here’s a quick recap of life in the last 4 months:

  • celebrated my sisters 18th bday
  • helped host a crawfish boil
  • planned a photoshoot in Waco
  • had a wine night @ SR
  • created a t shirt design contest
  • went to a bridal shower
  • worked the Spring Nutcracker Market
  • got an amazing opportunity (more on this later)
  • went to the horse races @ lost money
  • went to several grad parties
  • my little sister graduated high school!

so that’s my life in the last 4 months pulled into a very clustered, random, on the top of my head, list! I know what you’re thinking… Brenna! everyone goes through busy seasons of life. yes you are so right, and I began putting way too much on my plate that some things had to give. because I was balancing waaaaay too many things I wasn’t able to give 100% of myself to each thing- which is hard for me because I’ve always been able to do that. any virgos out there? yeah we like things to be perfect and try to control what we do. I was not choosing to let Jesus take the reins and I wasn’t allowing myself to Trust In Him. and I quickly fell into this exhausted state and I really was not up for social hour or hanging with friends, my words became hurtful, I was angry all the time. I let all these things pile up and to be honest they took a negative toll on my character. stress. anger. confusion. being lost. and that just wasn’t something I could deal with for much longer. relationships were hurt, my life was complete chaos, and my mind was filled with negativity and what if’s and doubt and more and more stress!!! (totally not cool) but because of all this i just have been out of it and become a ghost and standing back trying to figure out how to get back on track.

now that I’ve caught you up to speed & if you are still reading- things are looking up! *cue the happy music* life does go on. the stress does go away. the relationships do mend. but the what if’s are still there. I’ve had so many of those y’all it’s a tad bit dramatic😂 I was listening to a podcast and once I remember which one I’ll circle back around and let you know- but it was about a doubt, worry, stress, and how to balance the things you have in your life. very fitting for this season of life I’m enduring. and something that resonated with me was this little comparison/life hack:

fear is equal to your “what if’s” but God’s comfort is “even if”

y’all i seriously just got chills writing that because it still to this day reminds me of how I had taken my life by the reigns and had steered it down a path that was not good & was suddenly kicked back into reality! because I was focused on all my what if’s I lost sight of God’s “even if’s”. choosing to trust in Him & follow his heart is a daily choice. because I began to remind myself of this- I slowly but surly removed the stress, began to balance out my life, and become a much happier person!

life on your 20’s is a rollercoaster & even in all seasons of life JESUS IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL! trusting his plans, believing in yourself, and continuing to choose Him again and again is a life hack i will most certainly take with me into the next chapter!

thank you for sticking around- yes this was a long one, but friend- it’s nice to catch up with ya🥰



A little Joy, goes a long way.

Hey you! I know I haven’t posted in a week but I just wanted to share with you this ADORABLE top from SR! Just a quick update on why I’ve been MIA this week,I’ve been working really hard to get all of these new arrivals pictured, and measured, and up and running to shop! Part of the fun with my job is picking locations to shoot pics at. I mean its kind of like a mini traveling session because Dallas, Texas is HUGE. And its fun to go out and explore new places that will make the clothes look better than they already do. SO this week I did a lot of planning and figuring out what would work best and look aesthetically pleasing with the new stuff we have been getting in. And y’all, when I say A LOT of new stuff, I mean a massive load from the UPS truck EVERY. DAY. It’s actually really fun because we all try to guess whats in the boxes, and once we unpack and go through our process we are already obsessed with everything that comes in.Its seriously like Christmas everyday. But anyways back to business. `

Let’s just talk about this outfit here for a minute. I know its February, and yes in my opinion it is 100% okay to be wearing white jeans. Ive been trying to spruce up my wardrobe because my dark and dreary “winter” colors are really starting to put a damper on my mood. This week in Dallas we were SO SO SO fortunate to have 3 consecutive days of spring weather and if it wasn’t the biggest tease EVER I don’t know what is. This little tank is so cute on. It has adjustable straps and criss crosses in the back. The colors are darling (reminds me of cotton candy) and it pairs really nicely with white jeans + it’ll look really cute in the summer with some cut offs. Both top & jeans are from Southern Roots and lets be honest, it gives me a lot of joy wearing these fun bright colors.

Top HERE | Jeans HERE

A little off topic but I promise it’ll circle back around, but these pics were taken in Bishop Arts District at Joy Macarons (huge fan of macaroons so if anyone is ever feeling generous, these are the key to my heart) anyways they have the cutest little saying on their I guess its a moblie macaron stand, but to “share the joy”. This little messages has come at the PERFECT time in my life. I swear God knows exactly what you need to hear and when. I’ve been a little on the “non” joyest side lately and this was such a good reminder to stop and spread some joy because a little really goes a long way. My goal this week is to make a list of all the little JOY’s I can spread and share and hopefully it will spark someone else to do the same! I hope you had a great week, I’d love to hear how you have shared the Joy! Comment down below 🙂


We interrupt 2019 to bring the BEST. NEWS. EVER.

I have to share the BEST. NEWS. EVER. Im going to be an Aunt!! So lets back up a little. I have the coolest big brother & sister in law in the history of big brothers and sister in laws so, the second they got married you best bet I was begging them to have babies. I feel like God made me to love and cherish kids. I don’t know but I’m obsessed with them. Long story short- 1.5 years later… IM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!! We actually found out right after Christmas, so its been a real struggle not to spill the beans. February 10th was the day I found out I would be an AUNT to a boy!!! Little guy- you are already so loved and adored, and we can’t wait to meet you.

12/30/18 The night we opened the best Christmas present & found out the best news ever! Yes we cried, and laughed, and hugged.

2/10/19- The day I found out I’d be a an Aunt!! This day was full of guessing whether it was a boy or girl. I wore blue because I wanted them to have a boy, but I was like 100% positive it was a girl. Like we were all SO shocked, but of course we were ECSTATIC.

To try and explain how happy and excited I am for this baby boy is just way too hard to put into words. But what I can put into words is how happy, and excited, and proud, and thankful that this baby has the BEST mom & dad EVER. Baby boy- you are already so loved and adored. I have now successfully started a baby boy Pinterest board & have so many things in mind to buy this little guy. Let the race for best/ most fun aunt (ME) start! Haha- sorry Payten & Emily.

Some other exciting news to share is that I am now on the LikeToKnowIT App! All of my outfits can be shopped on the app. DUH they will be on here too. Any aunt advice?? Ya girl has her hands full already.

February Pics: Sweater Here | Jeans Here | Vest Here | Belt Here | Necklace Here