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Summer Arm Candy

Hi friends! It’s FRI-nally Friday. This week has gone by very fast for me (which you’re probably thinking like thank the Lord, this week has gone by so slow) But sometimes weeks go by faster for me- I don’t know why but oh well! You might remember me talking about how I love supporting small/local businesses but if you haven’t, then there you go. Of course because of how the world is right now, but my passion for supporting small business stems waaayyyy back. Anywho, I ran across this brand a couple weeks ago and instantly loved them. I’m talking Off The Chains Stacks! This business is in Rockwall, TX (go locals) and sells the cutest handmade beaded bracelet stacks!

A couple reasons I love why I love this business is 1. they are extremely affordable 2. they do customizable stacks and 3. they are local!

Her packaging is precious and duh I’m obsessed with this stack. The two bracelets I got are the Evil Eye Charm and the Ocelot Double Wrap. I know I’ll be able to wear these with pretty much everything and would even layer these into my Budha Girl stack. Seriously I wish I had found out about these for Mother’s Day! These bracelets are such a fun and easy gift for your girlfriends, mother in laws, or yourself OR these would be precious bridal party gifts. Just sayinnn!

Everything she has in stock is on her Etsy shop and if you needed to customize anything you can just shoot them a message on there or on her Instagram! I did want to mention that in addition to the normal beaded ones I have, she also does the letters and word bracelets! I’ll link my favorites down below:


I hope you love these bracelets as much as I do! Have a great weekend and see y’all next week!! XOXO


May Amazon Haul

Happy Monday y’all! I hope you had a good weekend! I woke up feeling very motivated today to get this blog up and going again. Since COVID19 has been around I’ve had a lot of uncertainty with my job, I’ve finished my Spring semester of school, and just dealing with not having anywhere to go. BUT I am sticking to my word and will be sharing on here a lot more. I have just rebranded my blog and website and it makes me excited to share more online.

One thing quarantine has given me a good chunk of time to online shop, and Amazon is definitely an everyday thing. I’m sharing my top Amazon finds for the month of May. I cannot say enough good things about these products, and would recommend everything.

You can shop everything by clicking the pictures or by following me in the LiketoKNOWit App. I have everything linked on the app + more!

If you have any questions on what is what, I am just a message away! I have some good blog posts in my for the rest of the week along with some more detail work on the site! Truthfully, it has been hard balancing everything but I am in a good place where I know I can give myself to this more. I would love to hear what Amazon products you love! Leave me a comment or DM me on Instagram! Have a great day y’all!