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21 Facts About Me

Hi there, friends! Thanks for stopping by, if you’re a new follower here or just an old one wondering what the heck I’m all about… I’m about to share some random facts about me. You may or may not care to know these things, but in case you do here goes nothing! I also think this is fun because one day I will look back on this blog post and either still relate to these facts, or it’s long gone. So really this is for me (HA)! I would really love to hear if you can relate to any of these facts! You also may be wondering why I chose 21 things… first fact about me: I am 21- my birthday is September 10th (any Virgos out there)?

  1. Like I just said, I am 21 years old! I absolutely love being born in September. And technically I am still a ‘summer’ baby, which is fun. I am a virgo and am reallllly into reading my horoscope. T R U E virgo over here!
  2. POV: you’re at a restaurant with me, eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, and you will see me put one or all of the following things on my food ALWAYS! Salt, Hot Sauce, or Red Pepper Flakes. I love spicy food! I always pick the spicy option. And always add salt. People in my life really get annoyed with this but it’s just how I am.
  3. My love language has always been words of affirmation. But the last 2 years of my life I can tell it has changed and I think I am more of an acts of service/receiving gifts type. I feel loved when people do things for me or gift me something that makes them think of me. If you want to know what your love language is here is the test I took!
  4. My parents got divorced right after I graduated high school (S/O to class of 2016). I still live in my childhood home with my sweet mama and step-dad. I am so thankful I am able to still live at home and save money!
  5. I have 5 more classes until I graduate college in December. I take all online classes at Texas A&M University- Commerce and will graduate with a bachelors degree in Marketing. I have been able to balance being a full-time college student and also working full-time. I will say I have had to give up a lot of personal/social time but its rewarding looking back and talking to people about how I can do it all.
  6. This one is very simple. Beach > Mountains
  7. I have a cute little white chihuahua named Topanga- she was a rescue and supposed to be a family dog but quickly turned into mine. She does not leave my side y’all + I am the only one she trusts/likes. She’s precious!!
  8. Pink is my favorite color! Which is funny because I don’t have a lot of pink clothes > but a ton of pink items if that makes sense.
  9. Back to food- I have to have the temperature of my food and drinks to be either extremely cold or extremely hot! I will heat my dinner up sometimes if it’s not hot enough.
  10. I stick to a pretty basic and loose form of the Keto diet. I have found that being on a low carb balance has helped me feel better, I have more energy, and my skin is way clearer. Blog post coming soon about what I eat and how I remain on keto.
  11. I have a few guilty pleasures: McDonalds, Jack in the Box tacos, rom-coms, and listening to my top 5 songs on repeat 100x in the car.
  12. My favorite thing to do is to sit on a patio on a sunny day with my family and friends, listening to good music. My family does this a lot and I love it.
  13. I tan very very easily. It’s so funny because my sister has very fair skin and when we lay out I am 500 shades darker than she ever gets.
  14. Conner is my boyfriend of 2.5 years! We have gone to school together since we were in 2nd grade and remained friends up until we started dating. He’s the very best!
  15. I have always been very athletic and try staying in shape best I can. I played club volleyball along with school volleyball 6th grade-my senior year! I would have loved to go to school to play volleyball but it just didn’t happen that way.
  16. I am a Christian. I am the furthest thing from perfect, and I do stray away sometimes. I just know we serve a BIG God and will always welcome you home. I have never fought with this- I have been a believer my whole life. It’s not easy, but it is something I wake up and believe in everyday. He > I.
  17. My music library consists of a lot of Texas country, 70s and 80s music, rock, Christian music, and a handful of rap. There isn’t anything I won’t listen to!
  18. I have a younger sister and an older brother and an amazing sister in law who check off all the sibling boxes. We are all super close and talk everyday in our group message. If it’s a trending topic in the world… we are talking about it.
  19. My top bucket list item is to travel to all 50 states. Pretty simple, but its something I want to be able to say I’ve done.
  20. I am a SOCIAL butterfly. I feel like one of my best personality traits is to be friendly to people, be approachable, and making friends. And plus I love talking.
  21. Aside from my own instagram I own 2 other accounts. One is a food blog and the other is my online boutique. I will be doing separate blogs about both accounts but you can follow them here and here!

WHEWWW! Do you think you know me any better? Do you share similar facts about yourself? Thanks for sticking around and if you’ve made it this far THANK YOU!! I want to hear some facts about you! Comment or message me on Instagram. Have a great day y’all!