The B Hive

Hi y’all~ welcome to All The B’s Wax! My name is Brenna, and this is my blog! I’m so happy you are here and cant wait to share my journey with y’all. so how in the world is anyone supposed to have time for this? well, in between being in college (1 year left woohoo), being a marketing director for a clothing boutique as well as a marketing coordinator for Six Flags, and living life in my 20’s, there was a small space in my time to talk about all the little things that matter. So here we are today, I hope I become someone who you can look forward to catching up with, because y’all, we’ve got lots of catching up to do!

Since we just met, its only fair to introduce myself a little more. I want to be as transparent, honest, and real as possible with y’all, why? Because you deserve that! Now, I’m no pro at this thing, but I know being true to yourself and sticking up for what you believe in is a true sense of who you are. I can’t wait to share my life with you all. Let the journey begin!

  1. I live IN the GREATEST. state ever. Can you guess it? T-E-X-A-S
  2. I am currently a college student at TAMUC ( go lions) taking online classes to achieve my Bachelors in Marketing
  3. I have the BJE (best job ever) lol- I am a Marketing Director for Southern Roots. And I am a Marketing a Coordinator for Six Flags
  4. Jesus is my main man and then we have Conner, who is a close second
  5. My playlist is 90% Texas country music, but I promise I will surprise you in the songs I like 😉
  6. My family is big, and complex, and crazy, but they are the greatest support system with everything. literally.
  7. Do I play any sports you ask? Well, I personally believe shopping is a sport. So, yes… I play shopping
  8. This blog is going to cover my daily outfits, shopping hauls, everyday life, food, friends, traveling, and all you can know about me!
  9. Take me nowhere, but the beach, and shopping, and Target.
  10. I could probably create 10 more lists to tell you 100 more things about me, but thats what this blog is about.